The Best Practices of the Best Marketers Revealed

Marketing Report by Vantive Research

This free marketing research report is an empirical study which discovers, measures and shares the highest impact lead acquisition practices and results used by the top rated B2B marketers.

Vantive delivers expert analysis to Sales and Marketing leaders seeking practical and effective recommendations for marketing transformation. Vantive research is independently produced and without vendor bias.

This Marketing Report Reveals

  • How much top marketers invest in marketing campaigns as a percentage of revenues and gross margin.
  • The total mix of marketing programs along with budget allocation and performance measures for each.
  • The percentage of leads received that are sales-ready, not yet sales-ready and will never be sales-ready.
  • The number of touches and cycle time needed to advance a non-qualified lead to sales-ready.
  • The yield of non-qualified leads that can be advanced to sales-ready with nurture marketing.
  • The most measured and most strategic marketing metrics and analytics.
  • The top benefits and frustrations of lead management software and marketing automation systems.
  • The most effective best practices—along with clear recommendations—in lead acquisition, lead scoring, lead nurturing, lead distribution and lead analytics.

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